Stavis Seafoods Launches SeaTru® a Lifestyle Seafood Brand

Stavis Seafoods Launches SeaTru® a Lifestyle Seafood Brand

SeaTru® delivers high-quality seafood that is truly traceable, truly responsible and truly delicious

BOSTON, Mass. March 13, 2019 – Consumers rate sustainability above price and brand, according to the Marine Stewardship Council[1], with most agreeing shoppers should buy seafood only from sustainable sources to save the oceans. Stavis Seafoods makes buying sustainably sourced seafood easier with the launch of SeaTru®, a lifestyle seafood brand that is founded on providing delicious, high-quality seafood that is completely traceable, socially responsible and sustainably sourced.

Utilizing a vertically integrated, worldwide reach, SeaTru® includes only products that meet its in-depth brand standards and can clearly show a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain from ocean to plate. The initial products in the SeaTru® brand include retail-ready Pasteurized Crabmeat, fresh Norwegian Salmon and the Prime Cuts Portion Program, which includes high-quality Salmon, Halibut, Swordfish and Tuna portions.  

In order to qualify for SeaTru®, each product must be sourced from a sustainably certified, ranked or domestic fishery or from a fishery involved in a comprehensive improvement project. Every fishery must also be labor safe screened or audited to ensure it complies with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) standards. A complete explanation of how each product meets the SeaTru® criteria is published on the SeaTru® website ( to provide consumers with a transparent view of each item’s sourcing story.

“We are incredibly enthusiastic about SeaTru® because it is unique in the industry,” said Chuck Marble, CEO of Stavis Seafoods, LLC. “It is a true lifestyle brand that brings together great seafood, direct sourcing stories and the proof of ocean stewardship that consumers require. With SeaTru®, seafood lovers can finally feel confident about the food they are eating. SeaTru® ensures each product’s supply chain is responsible and backs it up by making those details available to the consumer. SeaTru® eliminates any confusion or doubt about where our seafood is from or how it is sourced, making it the right choice for families and our oceans.”

SeaTru® accomplishes supply-chain visibility by sourcing directly from its vessels or approved and audited partners, so its boots are on the boats providing true sea-to-plate sourcing. This approach enables SeaTru® to better oversee its supply-chain efforts and source honestly and responsibly harvested seafood that helps support seafood communities around the world. SeaTru® also only features the highest quality seafood on the market to ensure consumers get a consistent and flavorful dining experience, every time.

Stavis Seafoods plans on launching additional products in the SeaTru® brand later this year, including traditional seafood recipes, cephalopod specialties, and lobster products, all of which meet the SeaTru® brand standards. 

About Stavis Seafoods, LLC - Stavis Seafoods has been a Boston Waterfront landmark and seafood industry pioneer since 1929. A multinational fishing company and manufacturer with vessels and processing plants around the world, Stavis Seafoods has a direct connection to fishermen harvesting their seafood on the boat, providing true vertical integration and a simple, traceable hook-to-plate sourcing solution. A leader in responsible sourcing, Stavis has the industry expertise to help customers buy and sell with confidence. Stavis offers a line of quality brands, including SeaTru®, BOS’N, Prince Edward, Foods From the Sea and Boston Pride. For more information about Stavis Seafoods, please call us at (617) 482-6349 or visit us at

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