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04/2017 Seafood Source Expansion has been an ongoing theme for Boston-based seafood importer Stavis Seafoods over the past few years. The company has long been laying the groundwork for its headquarters and processing facility to be based out of the Port of Boston by 2018. It also recently opened the doors of Stavis Peabody, a 40,000 square foot warehousing space predominantly servicing the company’s... Read more.
02/2017 Undercurrent News Following its recent upgrade to its Miami, Florida facility, US importer and processor Stavis Seafoods will be opening a 40,000 square foot warehouse facility just north of Boston in Peabody, Massachusetts, the company said in a release. Stavis in Peabody will open on March 6, 2017, and serve as the primary home for the company’s broad line of frozen seafood products. The new... Read more.